Bethel Gospel and Vickie Winans

Vision For New York City

It started with one small group of Latino leaders
and a simple invitation

They were eager to have Luis Palau and his team help lead an evangelistic effort reaching the Tri-State area. Within a few more ... Read More

                            Thanksgiving Dinners

Featured Articles

Turning The Tide

Turning the Tide Con­ference, April 24th-25th, (Friday:6pm; Sa­turday:8:30am). This youth and young adults conference is a gathering of hundreds of young people who are crying out for God to ...Read More

The Fuel Movement

The Fuel Movement is growing and expanding in 2015 with The Fuel Training in two locations this year in New Jersey and in New York. The Fuel Leadership Trainings are open for all Youth Pastors ...Read More

Collyde One Day

Are you a Leader? Do you consider yourself a leader? Now, I could sense, as we have asked this question before in groups, that some of you, would immediately say “No”. If we probe further, you might, just like ...Read More


No Plan B Tour 2015 with Carman

No Plan B Tour 2015 with Carman, Thurs­day, March 26th, 7:00pm (Doors open 6pm) who will be at the Village of Faith Church, 1070 Portion Road ...Read More

Gospel Jazz

Underground Gospel Jazz

Bethel Gospel Taber­nacle Worship & Fine Arts, Hope for Ex Offenders & Relume Inc. present Freedom Through Underground Gospel Jazz featuring Grammy ...Read More

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Editor's desk:

For the first time in 30 years we were not able to deliver The Love Express on time due to the weather conditions. We have always strived to get the papers to the churches and businesses before the first Sunday ... Read More

Bethel Gospel and Vickie Winans

Regional Events

Last Minute Tax Help!

Looking for ways to avoid the last-minute rush in preparing your taxes? Then here are the top Six Golden Rules to help you navigate this last minute journey ...Read More

Elizabeth Madison

Probiotics - Q & A

Walk down the supermarket aisle and you’ll see a growing array of products infused with probiotics. They all pro­mise amazing benefits. How do you know which products are effective? How much ...Read More

Oasis Singles All Day Conference

You’re invited to join Christian singles of all ages, from all denominations and from all walks of life from throughout the tri-state area for a life-changing conference featuring teaching, worship and ...Read More

Pastor Matthew & Ka­thy Singh

Principles For Lasting Change

One of the universal desires of human beings is the desire to improve. It’s universal. We all want to grow. We all want to get better. We all want to improve. We all want to make something better of our lives ...Read More

Dabar Bethlehem Cathedral

Dabar Bethlehem Cathedral presents Holy Week Teach­ings from the Table, March 29th-April 2nd 7:30pm; Good Friday, April 3rd 12pm with Rev. Leo Colon, Rev. Andrea Heyward ...Read More

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