Bethel Gospel and Vickie Winans

NY CityServe Movement

Unites NYC's Youngblood Preachers, Old Guards in
'Historic' Partnership

Hundreds of NYC-area nonprofit and church leaders — young and old, red and yellow, black and white—are mobilizing as one body for the very first time in an effort to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in one of the world's most unique ur­ban centers, thanks to an initiative organized by the Luis Palau Association ... Read More

Free Thanksgiving Dinners

Featured Articles

Build Your Legacy Now

Building legacy is a pro­cess. If you want your life to make a difference now and for generations to come, the more you build now, the more people you will impact for decades to come! ...Read More

Rich PerezBasic Worship


BASIC stands for "Bro­thers and Sisters in Christ." We are a network of college students & churches in the Northeast that meet to enjoy life toge­ther, learn about God, and make a difference ...Read More

American Bible Society

The American Bible Society's' stated mission is to engage people "with the life-changing message of God's Word," and the 200-year-old Christian nonprofit appears to be pulling out all the ...Read More

Embraced by God:

Have you ever wondered “Does God really love me? Do I really matter to Him? According to John 17:23, God loves you just as much as He loves His ownSon. Babbie Mason, award-winning gospel sin­ger, songwriter ...Read More

Sugar Substitutes - Part One

The media and the internet are full of confusing and often contradictory information about sugar substitutes, like Equal, Splenda and Stevia. Since God desires us to be educated, as stated in Proverbs 18:15 ...Read More

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Editor's desk: Editorial

It is a blessing to be living in this time to see what God is doing and accomplishing. It's a joy at 73 years of age to be seeing with my spiritual eyes all that God is putting toge­ther ... Read More

Blue Box Entertainment

Regional Events

Charlotte Hall

Silent No More!

Hello Beloved! Greetings in the last quarter of the year of 2014. Yes, time is fleeting and here we are in the last quarter already. In the midst of these dark days as the world continues to spiral out of ...Read More

November Tax Tips!

Ask for a New Year's bonus instead of a Christmas bonus. By delaying your bonus by only a week, you can push the payment of taxes on the income 15 months into the future -- a year ...Read More

Nyack College Alumns

Nyack College

Dr. Michael Scales, President of Nyack College, presented Dr. Roy S. Kirton with the 2014 Alumnus of the Year Award, for his service to society ...Read More


The First Stop was at Calvary Baptist Church in Manhattan, where Pastor Epstein is the senior Pastor, for the City serve-City Fest. This ministry is hosted by the Luis Palau Foundation. ...Read More

Justice's Men's Conference

What is JusticeNYC? It's a men's conference featuring hundreds of men and over a dozen national organizations and churches that seek to combat sexual exploitation of women - whether that is ...Read More

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