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In Praise of Small Churches

Size does matter

With a few exceptions, all churches were small at one time. They began with a handful of people and went forward from there. Some grew a great deal and are still expanding, some grew a little and leveled off, while some failed to grow at all.


If most of the churches in America of all denominations are small -- and in my mind, that means 100 or less in attendance -- then several things are true:


• In the words of Lincoln about common folk,“God must have loved them; He made so many of them.”

• Small churches must be doing something right or people would not keep attending them. ...Read More

Concerts of Prayer

Featured Articles

“Stepping Out of the Ordinary into the ExtraOrdinary”

What are Confessions? Confessions are proclamations of the Word of God. When we give voice to God’s Word, we give the written word power and authority in our lives. When we speak the Word of God in faith, we unleash the power of the angels to work on our behave to bring to pass the stated promises of God. Open Your Mouths and Proclaim the Promises of God for Your Life! ...Read More

Dimas Salaberrios

25 Years of Unity: Concerts of Prayer Greater New York

As the author of Street God and President of Concerts of Prayer Greater New York I have the privilege of traveling from cities to cities and examine prayer movements. The Tri-State has the unique distinction of praying toge­ther for 25 years. Most cities have prayer movements that rise and fall but very few have clergy ...Read More

Collyde Summit 2016

Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter" says, Francis Chan, best-selling author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God and many other videos and books. As leaders, pastors and believers, our constant struggle is to turn away from the noise-cluttered busy ministry world we live in and quieten our hearts to hear ...Read More

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Raw 2016 Fresh Anointing Ad

Editor's desk:

As we look back on 2015 we realize how much we needed the Lord and His awesome po­wer and mercy on us. I have written about pioneers many times, yet I sense we the readers and pastors need to be reminded of what is a pio­neer. Pioneers are mostly misunderstood and their efforts of pioneering ... Read More

Bethel Gospel and Vickie Winans

Regional Events

January Tax Check List

Happy New Year! Having made it into 2016 where do we go from here? What do we need to know so that we can be on the cutting edge of Financial Planning in this new year. Answer: Consult your Tax Advisor if any of the foregoing situations were experienced by you last year.  ...Read More

Fresh Anointing for Global Impact

Dr. Aretha Wilson & R.A.W. Internatio­nal Ministries present R.A.W. 2K16 Fresh Anointing for Global Im­pact, Thursday-Sunday, February 11th-14th with Benny Hinn, Jackie E. Mc­Cullough, Brian Carn, Ru­dolph McKissick, Jr., John Guns, John Tetsola, Janet Floyd, George Shorts, Ke­vin McGuinness, Robin Din­nanauth, May Dupree, Jo­nathan ...Read More

Collyde Summit 2016 - Even If

Concerts of Prayer Greater New York is celebrating 25 Years - Join us for a gathering especially for Pastors, Prayer Ministry Leaders, Church Planters, Youth Pastors and their spouses at out Pastors’ Prayer Summit, January 18th-20th, 2016 with Rev. Di­mas Sa­laberrios, Presi­dent, Con­certs of Prayer, Greater New York and...Read More

Carol Kornacki

Revealing the Supernatural

World Healing In­ternational Minis­tries presents Re­vealing the Supernatural, March 4th-5th (Friday, 7pm; Saturday, 10am) with Bi­shop George Bloomer and Evangelist John Ramirez, @ DoubleTree by Hilton, 2117 State Route 4, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024. Donation:$50 (Includes ad­mission to both days. Host: Bishop ...Read More

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