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Movement Day Continues to
Gain Momentum

Over 12,000 leaders from diverse nationalities and social sectors gathered at the New York Hilton Midtown on October 29 for the 6th Annual Movement Day, a leadership initiative from the The New York City Leadership Center (NYCLC). Since it’s inception in 2010, what began as a local event in the city of New York is now poised to take its mission of city transformation through gospel movements to the rest of the world....Read More

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Pete Scazzero

Racial Reconciliation Conference 2016

Saturday, February 27th, 9am-5pm, New Life Fellow­ship, Sanctuary Cost: $30 In light of the on-going tensions that exist in our country and the church re­garding racial and socio-e­conomic reconciliation, New Life Fellowship is hosting a 1-day gathering with some of the finest thin­kers and leaders on issues pertaining to race, class and gos­pel ...Read More

Pastor Leroy Gripper, Jr.

The Raising Up of An Army of Prayers

God’s Army of Pra­yers Ministries (GAP) is a prayer ministry established and operating in Brooklyn, NY- founded by Pastor Leroy Gripper Jr. The mission of GAP is to promote prayer in the Body of Christ and to create a network of intercessors, prayer warriors, pro­phets and believers who will agree in prayer and pray the will of God - as outlined in the scriptures ...Read More

Collyde Summit 2016

Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter" says, Francis Chan, best-selling author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God and many other videos and books. As leaders, pastors and believers, our constant struggle is to turn away from the noise-cluttered busy ministry world we live in and quieten our hearts to hear ...Read More

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Raw 2016 Fresh Anointing Ad

Editor's desk:

May the Lord bless you with all of the blessings that He has stored for you in heavenly places. May you come into a new intimate place with Him, and overcome and press through into a new identity.

As you get ready to enter 2016, expect the Holy Spirit to move. This coming season is a ... Read More

Bethel Gospel and Vickie Winans

Regional Events

Happy Valentine to David & Edith

February is always a special month for my husband David and I. Valentine’s Day has a special meaning to both of us. It was our first date, February 14th, 1959; yes 1959. Fifty-seven years ago I was seventeen years old and running from God. Once a month from the time I was 14 years old and my father used to take my sister Rose and ...Read More

PS 149 Children’s Choir


Our first stop was in  Planet Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Senior nursing home.  I know you are probably  saying  to  yourself, “why  is  Dr.  Gee  writing  about  something  that  happened  during  the Christmas holidays? To be honest the elderly is a passion of mine, I feel they are neglected by society, as well as their families at times.  ...Read More

Ray HughesPaulette Polo

Wired for Worship Symposium

Mantle of Power Mi­nistries presents Wired for Wor­ship Symposium Sound & Won­ders, Fri-Sat, March 11th-12th with Ray Hughes. Foun­der of Selah Mini­stries, Ray has been in full ministry for 40 years. Our guests: Phila­delphia Ta­bernacle of Da­vid. Host: ...Read More

Int’l Pastors & Leadership Conference

Bishop T. D. Jakes presents Internatio­nal Pastors & Lea­dership Conference 2016, Thursday-Saturday, April 21st-23rd in Orlando Florida. Think Yourself Clear - Cre­ative Leaders Emerge and Recharge. Keynote speakers: Pastor John Hagee, Pastor Chris Hill, Pastor Steven Furtick and Bi­shop Dale Bronner. 80% ...Read More

Resurrection Sunday 2016

Celebrate with Pastor Donnie McClurkin & Perfecting Faith Church - Resurrec­tion Sunday 2016 on March 27th, 12noon (Doors open 11am) @ the David S. Mack Arena at Hofstra Uni­versity, 245 Hofstra Univer­sity, Hempstead, New York. Free Parking / Free Ad­mis­sion. Delive­rance-Miracles-Healing! Come and ...Read More

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