Bethel Gospel and Vickie Winans

The Power of Forgiveness

How do You Forgive Someone who took the Life of My Father, My Mother and My Nephew.

There are many people without whose help, support and guidance this book would never have seen the light of day. First, I thank God for giving my family and me the breath of life and strength so that we may persevere through all of life’s challenges ... Read More

                            Thanksgiving Dinners

Featured Articles

Racial Reconciliation Summit

When Bishop Harry Jackson, chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition and se­nior pastor of Hope Christian Church in Washington, D.C., first called up Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of America's favorite and most influential ...Read More

Lois Elaine Rochford

Pastor Lois Elaine Rochford

About 2 years in the making of The Love Express, the Lord spoke to me, and gave clear direction concerning The Love Express. He told me it would be, and always re­main a clearing house of what the Holy Spirit would ...Read More

Elizabeth Madison

6 Tips for Heart Health

You only have one heart. You have two lungs, two kidneys, and even a regenerative liver, but only one heart. Though it is the most important organ in the body, we tend to take it for granted until it stops working th ...Read More

Dimas Salaberrios

Slow Down Pastors

The demands on New York City Pastors are relentless. Manhattan is the most influential island in the world and in every survey the first or second most influential city (only second to London at ...Read More

Jim Biscardi Jr

Preparing for the Return of Christ

If we knew that a thief would be coming to break into our home, we would develop the discipline to lock all the doors and windows (especially when we’re not sure of the exact day). Similarly, we need to prepare ...Read More

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Editor's desk: Believing His Love is Jesus.

Believing His Love is Jesus was inspired by God and His Son from the beginning of time. He put all His love into creating the universe, stars, moon, sun, earth, everything made perfect. Then His love ... Read More

Blue Box Entertainment

Regional Events

Andrae Crouch

Andrae Crouch

The singer/songwriter died at age 72 on Jan. 8th, after suffering a heart attack. New Christ Memorial Church honored Crouch with public memorial services referred to as "a celebration of ...Read More

Shirley Caesar

Benefit Concert

Wheel Chair Chari­ties & Bethel Christian Learn­ing Academy sponsor a Benefit Concert celebrating Black History Month in February with Pastor Shirley Caesar, Wess Morgan, and Valerie Boyd @ New ...Read More

Pastor and Co-Pastor John and Carolyn Jamison

Fit for the Kingdom Conference

This years theme was selected by our Pastor John Jamison as he went before the Lord in prayer concerning the conference "The Holy Spirit" revealed to him that the church must not keep starting ...Read More

New York CityServe - CityFest

We have been so encouraged by the many activities surrounding NY CityServe & CityFest since the official launch of the campaign in September. Below are a few updates and prayer requests ...Read More

The Fuel Movement

The Fuel Movement is growing and expanding in 2015 with The Fuel Training in two locations this year in New Jersey and in New York. The Fuel Leadership Trainings are open for all Youth Pastors, ...Read More

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